About Us

IASO and the Institute of Life (IOL), are in leading position in women’s health services, in Greece and in Europe, with, more than 8000 deliveries/year, 3000 assisted reproduction cycles/year, an enormous laparoscopy and robotic surgery treatment cases, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Several clinical studies and trials are accomplished within our premises under excellent quality standards and committee bioethical approval. More specifically, IOL was launched in 2015 and operates as one of the best assisted reproduction units in Europe. To start up the embryology laboratory, IOL, invited European renown experts and built a prototype laboratory. We created bridges for technology transfer with the reputed Embryo Tool laboratory (Spain). Among first line goals of IOL is the spindle transfer.

The newly established department IASO MEDICAL RESEARCH (IMR), aims to create a Center of Excellence for Women’s health” which is hosted within IASO. Among the goals of IMR figures out the strategy for smoking cessation in women.

Our HHQ project

The project aims to leverage capacities of Doctors and the personnel in better knowledge of tobacco harmfulness and smoking cessation technique for women. We also aim to help women in smoking cessation and also support personnel.

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